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PAIKKA heijastava koiran sadetakki, keltainen

PAIKKA Visibility Dog Raincoat, Yellow

From 41,40 69,00 €
The Paws Dog Bandana, Sierra Daisies

The Paws Dog Bandana, Sierra Daisies

From 7,15 11,00 €
The Paws Dog Bandana, Smooches

The Paws Dog Bandana, Smooches

From 7,15 11,00 €
PAIKKA Heijastava Koiran Talutin, Musta

PAIKKA Visibility Rope Leash

12,50 € 25,00 €
PAIKKA Ortopedinen Koiranpeti, Harmaa

PAIKKA Recovery Orthopedic Bed, S

64,50 € 129,00 €

Functional and stylish pet essentials for pawfect living

In our online store, you will find a functional and stylish range of products that bring well-being, safety and happiness to the lives of dogs, our special four-legged friends. We have already amazing products from Finnish brands, PAIKKA, Pomppa and FinNero, and we are working to find more wonderful brands to expand our product range. When you want to pamper your dog and give your pet only the best, choose pawfect living.

Pawfect Living lifestyle

When a new dog, an adorable puppy, or precious senior dog comes into the family, of course we want to provide the best possible home for the new family member. We want to do our best so that the newcomer can feel part of the family, be happy and live a balanced dog's life.

The Pawfect Living lifestyle is simply about taking care of your dog’s basic needs in the best possible way.

It is about

  • offering varied nutrition and supporting healthy eating habits
  • exercising and doing activities - spending time together
  • counterbalancingwith a good rest and relaxation

When it comes to dog supplies, quality replaces quantity. It is also the owner's interest if the dog accessories are high quality and long-lasting. With Pawfect Living pet collection, we want to add well-being, safety and comfort to your pet's everyday life, without forgetting the most important person for your dog, you - no need to hide the products out of sight since the products fit beautifully into every household.

A warm and safe bed - the best night's sleep

A dog bed is one of the most important purchases for a dog, after all, the dog spends a large part of his day sleeping or snoozing, and therefore its important to choose a dog bed carefully. Restorative sleep brings energy to the hustle and bustle of the day and promotes the ability to concentrate on learning new things. The best bed for your dog is one where your dog wants to settle in and that feels comfortable. Your dog deserves a safe and comfortable place to rest and relax. We make your choice easier by putting together a selection of beds in our online store that will help your pet recovery and enable the best good night's sleep!

When you want to provide your dog with the most restorative sleep, the PAIKKA Recovery Orthopedic Dog Ded is your choice. This unique dog bed is filled with orthopedic memory foam, which adapts to your dog’s sleeping position and distributes the weight evenly, reducing pressure on the muscles and joints. The plush edges make the bed warm and safe and allow your pet to rest in a comfortable position. PAIKKA Recovery Orthopedic Dog Bed is an ideal choice especially for athletic and active dogs, seniors and for dogs with osteoarthritis.

Healthy eating habits - a healthy dog

Healthy eating is the everything. Food is an essential energy source and a varied diet maintains the health of your pet. Also take care of regular meal times. If you are wondering what kind of diet and what amounts of food would be best for your pet, contact your veterinarian.

In addition to the balanced diet, healthy eating habits are important to your dog’s well-being. Eating too fast or swalloving food without chewing it properly can cause health problems for your dog. There can be many reasons for binge eating, and they should always be clarified. If medical reasons for binge eating are excluded, pay attention to the way the food is served, the calmness of the meal time or the number of meals. A dog’s food bowl can be a crucial factor against binge eating. Various slow feeding bowls force the dog to slow down eating.

When you want to promote your dog’s healthy eating habits, ceramic PAIKKA Slow Feed Bowls and PAIKKA Cool Bowls are your choice. PAIKKA Slow Feed Bowl has a 3D shape which forces your dog to eat around it helping your dog to feel full while eating less. That 3D shape slows down eating and prevents indigestion and bloating. Also invest in serving fresh water to your dog and choose a PAIKKA Cool Bowl. It is made of unique cooling ceramics which keeps the water cool and fresh, even in hot weather. Fresh water encourages your pet to drink enough water. The ceramic water bowl also stays well in place.

Clothes & outdoor accessories that make everyday exercises fun and safe

Safety is a priority when going outdoors. Invest in outdoor accessories that improve your dog's and yours visibility, especially during the dark seasons. We work to find clothes and outdoor accessories to our online store, both for you and your dog, that make special outdoor activities a little more fun and safe!

Dog harnesses and leashes are basic everyday equipment. The best harness for a dog can be found by experimenting. The dog's body type and way of walking and behaviour determine the choice of harness. Make sure the harness fits right: is not too tight or lose, does not chafe or rub uncomfortably and the dog can move freely. Next choosing the right dog leash can be done based on the following criteria: dot size, activity level and behavior.

When you want to add comfort and safety to your little dog’s outdoor activities, a PAIKKA Visibility Harness is your choice. The simply stylish harness is made of reflective fabric, so you no longer need a separate reflector as the harness also serves as a safety gear.

In our selection you will also find reflective dog clothes which guarantee your dog's visibility in the dark and keep your pet warm and dry in changing weather conditions.

Activities together with your pet

Just like you, your dog needs exercise to stay fit and healthy. Your pet needs to interact with its owner, and exercising and doing different activities together with your dog are likely to strengthen the relationship between the two of you. Dogs enjoy the company of other dogs as well, so what better way to get to meet up with furry friends than on daily walks or play dates.

Appropriate outdoor equipment makes outdoor recreation a comfortable experience for both your dog and you. When purchasing equipment, it is a good idea to keep in mind that dog walking is daily throughout the year, whatever the weather. Practical, durable and well-fitting outdoor equipment make it a relaxing and enjoyable event. At their best, increase the well-being of you both!

More and more dog families today have at least one dog coat, raincoat or coverall, or even more. Dog clothes are a big easing factor in the daily life of a dog family. Clothes designed for different weather conditions reduce the need to wash and dry your dog. In addition, clothing will increase the well-being and comfort of your pet. Nowadays, dog outdoor clothing has the same technical characteristics as human clothing. Layering also works for dogs! When choosing clothes, it is important to consider size and fit. The dog must be able to be a dog and behave and move naturally despite the clothing.

We work to find outdoor gear in our online store, both for your dog and you, that make outdoor activities even a little safer and more fun!

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Palautus ja vaihto ovat sinulle maksuttomia.

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Peruuttamisoikeuden vaikutukset

Tilauksen peruutuksissa ja palautuksissa PawfectLiving.fi verkkokauppa palauttaa kaikki asiakkaalta saadut suoritukset viivytyksettä ja joka tapauksessa viimeistään 14 päivän kuluttua palautuksen vastaanottamisesta. Maksunpalautus suoritetaan asiakkaalle sillä maksutavalla, jota asiakas on käyttänyt alkuperäisessä liiketoimessa. Asiakkaalle ei aiheudu maksunpalautuksesta erillisiä kustannuksia. PawfectLiving.fi verkkokauppa voi pidättäytyä maksujen palautuksesta, kunnes palautettava tavara on vastaanotettu tai asiakas on osoittanut lähettäneensä tavaran takaisin.

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Mikäli tuote on kadonnut tai vioittunut kuljetuksen aikana tai se ei muuten vastaa tilaustasi, tulee sinun ilmoittaa virheestä viimeistään 14 päivän kuluessa PawfectLiving.fi asiakaspalveluun joko sähköpostitse tai puhelimitse. Jos tuote on vioittunut kuljetuksessa, on tuotteesta tehtävä välittömästi reklamaatio valitsemanne toimitustavan kuljetusyhtiölle.